Probably one of the hardest things is to come up with own brand name and logo. We don’t really know how did we came up with ‘Giraffes’. It’s a mystery. It just came to us, like a stray cat or something. Dopey name, we thought. Nothing  being defined by that. But… maybe that’s why it’s good? And suddenly we started to notice giraffes everywhere. They sprang on us out of nowhere.

Really, you should look for them,- they are everywhere.
And we decided – let them have their way,- let’s be Giraffes.

Labels and business cards – yet another matter. Thankfully we have giraffe M. She just locks herself up in  her cave and draws / shears / prints / makes stamps/ punches/glues. And in few days, seemingly without effort – it’s all finished, beautiful, tasteful , and as good as it can be. Actually, even better.
I have not seen those labels till yesterday, when postman brought an envelope.

And let me tell you,- it’s indescribable pleasure to secure handmade labels on your knits and release them to the world….


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