Stacking shelves

Giraffes, rolled up their sleeves, are stacking goods on the virtual shelves. Sometimes humming happily, sometimes throwing shelves at each other, – ‘ this one is your, I’ve aldeady stacked mine’, blaming each other for not dusting or wiping. Sometimes they even slam doors (one has to make a point somehow). And if friendship and unconditional love would be absent, who knows, there might even be some bloody noses… But they only quarrel for a while and then continue with a work. They stack pretty, patterned  gloves on the shelves – those with the roses – right next to ones with the lilies , the ones with moths probably look best near butterflies, and the fish ones ofcourse by the rowan…
Next scarves and shawls,- they arrange tem by size, then try to color-coordinate, and then just decide that people will put them back in a random order anyway, so, the best is to leave them as they are.

Then Giraffes decide it’s time for a coffe break. while siping coffe they  pull out all the hats  and admire how indescribably beautiful and colorful they are. Hats, not giraffes. Somehow, as if by accident, they begin to try them on. One chooses that pretty  pink, another gray with a pompom, third puts on that square one, wacky, of craziest colors. They push each other from the mirror, trying to decide which hat looks best, then tries on another one, and another…

So, it goes without saying that it takes a while to stack goods on those shelves. Even a giraffe can grasp that.


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