All Truth about us

I try to think when it started. And can’t really remember when it all clicked. I was friends with one of them, then, way later, became friend with another. But I have no idea when and how did they befriended each other. Behind my back!!

We all love things handmade and share passion for books, we like to play, we laugh a lot, but that’s about all. We are so very different in every way, yet somehow we can relate to each other. Now when I think of us three, two seems to be the key,- we have two husbands, two kids, two dogs amongst us. Two of us love to knit, two – to cook. Two love to travel. Two tend to see bright side of life. Two always procrastinate. Two are born the same year. Two are born the same day. (Although we all are born in July).

Giraffe M is extremely indoorsy. True. She can live for weeks without even peeking through the window. She loves colours. Some people decorate homes with vases of fresh flowers, she does with cans of colouring pencils and stacks of pretty boxes full of little treasures. She likes things tiny and full of detail. All her creations are palm- sized. And usually smell of lavendel…

Giraffe W, on the other hand, is very outdoorsy. She grabs her camera and wanders around, observing the world’s beauty. And does not fail to register  miracles happening around. Both, big and tiny. She is optimistic, untroubled and unselfish. She usually is into something . One week it can be su- jok, another  qigong or five tibetian rites. She loves to knit.  She probably can knit while walking. Her knits are always very colourful. She despises rules.  In life and in knitting.

(Me) Giraffe U  sees herself as ‘a realist’. She takes one thought and overthinks it over and over. Much like cow regurgitating on food. She likes logic and continuance. And numbers. Loves everything in boxes with labels. Tries to understand how things are ticking. Loves to thrift, knit, felt, sew, fix and repaint and can’t really put the finger on what is ‘hers’. She hopes to grow up one day and be fabulous.

Well, they all have big plans for the time when they grow up. If ever.

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