About us

You might wanna ask,- what is ‘žirafos ? ‘Žirafos’ means Giraffes in Lithuanian. And behind this name is a magical friendship, representation of unconditional love if you may, which ties three friends. They all live in a different cities, there was a time when all lived in different countries. But that’s no obstacle for a friendship – those, who have been blessed with it knows, that friendship can be nourished in many ways,- by late night skype sessions, texting or phone calls when something exciting happens, unexpected gift parcels and warm thoughts.
The friendship revolves about everything – pots and pans, babies and dogs, knitting and fashion, matter and antimatter, the meaning of life, leprechauns, dreams, doubts, desires, making things and about a gazillion of other affairs. Most recent of them is the Shop. Giraffes love to play,- and do that very passionately. So, there is the new game,- the Shop.

Why the ‘giraffes’?- because the giraffe is an extraordinary animal – enormous weight keeps them standing very firmly on the ground, while the long neck keeps their heads somewhere above the clouds. Just like us.

your Giraffes