The pair of Three Mittens

Giraffes, quite bewildered themselves present the absolute novelty – ”The Pair of Three” mittens. These mittens are must for Romantics, Eccentrics or for The Practical Ones. The ‘pair’ consists of two mittens for the right hand and one for the left.  All three matching, colorful and warm. You can always wear a combination according to your mood or whim.  And you’ll have one spare to lend to a friend! Or change if one gets wet, or (God forbid) lost. And of course these are a perfect ”pair” for a Very Right-Handed person who uses hands in the cold and snow and wears out the right glove well before the left one.
We have two ”pairs” of these mittens. First one – dark green / purple / turquoise gradient coloring  and the second one  of a gray / green / yellow gradient. Both ‘rights’ are matching with the left one. Although, to be honest, we do not think that’s necessary for gloves. We could combine any mittens from these pairs. We might even start knitting mittens in singles. ‘Single and looking for a pair’, – wouldn’t that be cool?
Both pairs are  knitted with the amazing Faroese sheep wool. This wool – with character, a very nice character, if you are not very sensitive to it’s roughness and tickling. It is extremely warm and durable,  softens and  fluffs more with each wash, thus  getting better at protecting from cold.

Time for a snowbattle, maybe?

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