Winter sleep and other pleasures

As everyone knows (and if you didn’t yet – you are welcome) that giraffes are of those animals that also sleep the winter away. Usually burried themselves in a comfy couches or armchairs. To be honest, one of giraffes somehow developed insomnia this year, so, the third of giraffes operate on a working mode (translation – New Products are expected).

The ordinary biologist knows that winter sleeping animals at some point turn on their side. Or even come out of the bearing to look around.So do giraffes, – one day, in between of two dreams, they came out to look around. They even wandered quite far from their bearing,- right to the top knitters store. They stretched their tongues a little, petted new yarns and quite accidentally grabbed a skein or few. Few, rather. Like, a sac. For making new plans in a sleep.
Nothing like a winter pleasures…

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