A set of 6 stacking hedgehog ashtrays in Walter Bosse style

This is a set of 6 stacking hedgehog ashtrays in mid-20th century (1920s – 1960s) Walter Bosse style.
Walter Bosse (1904 – 1979 Vienna) hedgehog ashtrays were so popular that he spent most of his ederly life attempting to protect his design from the numerous companies producing copies of his art. This aluminum set was produced as Russian Souvenir. New sets have not been made since the 1980s.
Unlike most Bosse copies, this set is very well-made and became an collectible itself. It’s made of heavy metal with sharp crisp lines and even patina shading. The baby hedgehog on the top is a snuffer with 3 extra spines in the center. It is in like-new condition. Makes a great modernist decorative object, and, of course, can be used as ashtray. Perfect present for a smoker.
Approximately 4.5″ x 2.75″ x 3″ (12x8x7cm)

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