Yet again, as it always is with giraffes, we did not consciously choose to work with anything. Denim chose us. It began years ago just by being reluctant to throw away well worn jeans. Because worn denim looks too beautiful to be thrown away. As a pile of old denim clothes grew, ideas and visions of what-that-pile-could-become-into have started to grow and expand, became more and more ambitious. Friends and acquaintances were greeted with the “have you any old/unworn jeans by any chance?”. Home gradually overgrew with denim armchairs, bedspreads, cushions and aprons. And now we decided to offer denim for you too. All our denim is upcycled, having lived it’s lifetime already, gotten it’s wrinkles, moles, freckles and scars and now ready for one more lifetime. Probably even much longer than previous one. Maybe at your home?

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