Moths are back!

Ancestors wisdom says – if the storks arrive early in a spring, – the year will be happy. Giraffes say – it does not matter at all sooner or later Lavender Moths are arriving – a year will still be very happy. And fragrant.
As luck would have it, – the moths have arrived! All flock of them. Pink, orange, red,  green, and  blue, all dotted and winged, with tiny sparkly colorful eyes. With a handful of dried lavender flowers in their  tummy. They are  very undemanding and well tempered creatures. Ready to land on the shelves and drawers or to dangle on the coat rack / door handles. For that luck :)

While it is indeed best to keep drawers smelling pleasantly with the  new Giraffes Lavender  Pillows. Tunisian crocheted  in wool tweed they are real delight for the senses . Texture, color, wool sensation,  gentle lavender scent – a candy for a wool lover .
Giraffes themselves keep  Lavender pillows next to the bed for more fragrant and pleasant dreams.
All lavender thingies in Giraffes shop is  packaged in a beautiful transparent packaging – perfect for gifting!

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