Building the Shop

We have introduced ourselves briefly, telling who we are and what we are doing here. And why. Now we should probably tell how we are building the Shop.

Giraffe M has bravely taken on building virtual walls and shelves. She has no degree or appropriate training on building the Shops whatsoever. She just builds and demolishes, builds and demolishes.  Much like playing building blocks. Except all covered in cement dust by the end of the day….
But she is not giving up. Our brave Giraffe M. She builds. And demolishes. The Shop.

While shelves and walls are being built, girafes store  pictures of their stuff here.

Giraffe U has a way with the words. So she describes things. Sometimes even poetically. Then she describes them in English. That’s our Giraffe U,- she
is wordy one.
The Giraffe W, is now gone to watch the Autumn. To make friends with him. She photographs him. And he likes that, we must say. Poses for her, turning his very best cheek to the objective. Then the rest of us get to see it. All the best of the Autumn. Not even having to shake a leg. And she knits a lot, our Giraffe W. Everywhere. Everything.

So, that’s how we build it. The Shop. For our things.

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